Insurance is simply money that is purchased at a discount to provide a benefit in the event of death, sickness, injury, or loss property. It has been and stills one of the best tools that Canadians can suet achieve these important objectives:

  • Transfer wealth to future generations in the most tax efficient manner, many times tax free
  • Tax Shelter otherwise taxable assets including retained earnings and passive investment income held within a private corporation. Income instance these assets can be transferred tax free to beneficiaries
  • Transform what appears be an expense into an asset that pays you
  • Create tax free inheritance for children or grandchildren
  • Provide guaranteed income, including TAX FREE income, for lifeĀ 
  • Fund shareholders buy/sell

Our firm is focused on what insurance products can do for our clients rather than merely sell the products themselves, and we pride ourselves in helping our clients make insurance work for them no matter what happens.